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Yes, the groomer brings tables, dryers, vacuums, shampoos, towels, clippers, scissors, etc. The pet owner just needs to supply a bathing sink/tub, and an electrical outlet.


     Q......How does the groomer know where to set up?


Before the day of the grooming,  the owner,  the pet, and the groomer, meet for a free consultation to talk about the specific groom for the dog and to see where the best place for the grooming to take place.  For example, the bath might take place in the kitchen sink or utility room sink, but the drying and the rest of the grooming session might take place on the covered lanai or in the kitchen or in a bathroom. All of that will be finalized on the consultation visit.


     Q......Is there a pet weight limit for the groomer?


Yes, the weight limit is 30LBs*


      Q.....Does the groomer do cats?


No, not at this time. Please check back again as this will change. If you have a cat that needs grooming please contact me anyway as I can refer you to a professional cat groomer.


* In certain circumstances the 30lb weight limit CAN BE increased to up to 50lbs





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