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Let's work together as a pet-loving community and keep all dogs healthy, cleaned, and groomed!


It can be expensive to keep a dog in tip-top groomed shape. Perhaps the owner is trying and doing the best they can, but still the dog is dirty and matted. I want to help! There are no judgements here. It's just all about the dogs, their health, comfort, and happiness.


If you know someone/anyone, a neighbor or a family member that has a dog but not the means to keep their little buddy cleaned and groomed, please contact me with all pertinent details.


Once or twice a month, or when otherwise needed, I will donate my time and professional services to those dogs in need.




    Here are two amazing stories of our community in action! On the left is Lil Ole Faith, abandoned and simply left for someone to find. Well, she was found. She was cleaned, groomed, loved, and soon after adopted into a super loving family.

And then there's sweet boy Cavelier. So matted his eyes were covered over. So sad. But with our community in action, look at him now!!!  Now he gets to feel AND SEE all the love coming his way.                     



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