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   Hey, that's me, (back in the late 1980's) with my beloved dog Paco. This sweet, loving dog was a stray found in a warehouse parking lot in Texas. She was hungry, wet, and scared. Paco was about 2 years old at the time and clearly abused. And although it was clear she longed for some caring and love, she still, at that time, was afraid of even a hand coming towards her to give her a gentle pat on the head. Well, for the next 10 years Paco and me were inseparable! She was my everything and I think the feeling was mutual!

    I was a runner and she became my running buddy.  That's her sharing an after run drink from the fountain with me. Paco almost never had to stay at home. If I was going out so was she. And because she was such a good girl, she was welcomed and accepted, everywhere.  She lived a good, long, happy, and joy-filled life. And, in the end, Paco enjoyed nothing more than a hand coming towards her to give her a gentle pat on the head.






Meet your Groomer...Cheryl Chaplin

Welcome all Pet Lovers! 

Like you, I love our furry friends. From a little lost mouse to a big beautiful lion my heart swells and is filled with love just to look at them. Not too long ago I took that love and passion and started my own professional pet sitting company called Pampered Petsitting by Cheryl, "It's all about the Lovin"  The great success of that company lead me to wanting to be even more involved in the lives of our furry friends and decided to learn professional pet grooming.  I attended and graduated from The Tampa Bay Area Pet Grooming Academy and my new and exciting life of professional pet grooming was up and running!

Thinking about adding the love of a furry friend to your life and home?

Please consider adopting a rescue pet. There are so many options for you today. Even if you're looking for a very specific breed, there are breed rescues out there waiting for you too.  Here in Lake County please visit online, or LIKE their FB page at the following: Ruff Times Rescue, The Animal League, A Forever Home Animal Rescue, Hound Haven, or Animal Control. They're waiting for your special lovin'    :-)

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